The Surf is our third high end metal yo-yo. Precision machined aluminum in four bright colors with an unresponsive bearing.

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The Surf is our vision of a futuristic competitive shape, with a forward-thinking double-stepped organic profile. The cuts in the silhouette give a comfortable catch zone & a weight distribution to push your tricks further than ever. Our most modern yo-yo yet, & a true ripper.

While previous 44RPM models have focused on stability, unique shapes, & comfort, the Surf swerves towards a more aggressive style. The profile is speedy & the stepped gap cuts down on friction from dense layered tricks.

The Surf’s design was implemented & engineered by Brazilian National Yo-yo Master Rafael Matsunaga, the brains behind our yo-yos the Rhythm & the Blues. World Champion Hank Freeman also put heavy work in on the shape. Paul Escolar did the lettering for the logo.

44RPM proudly presents our first solid kendama, the Funk, featuring an original ken design by Takeshi Kamisato. Maple construction with a slightly grippy 3-stripe tama in a hand-screened burlap bag.

The Funk features a number of updates to the traditional ken shape for increased durability, higher performance, & a funky aesthetic:

  • • A thickened spike to match the new beefier sarado & extend ken life overall.
  • • A reshaped, extra sturdy sarado designed for maximum lunar weight while cleanly fitting the contours of the tama.
  • • Narrowed lower handle for improved balance; adjusting of the center of gravity improves both lunar balance and j-stick rotation.
  • • Lower string hole on the handle to prevent exposure as the sarado settles.

Tama stripe colors inspired by ’70s muscle cars, as is the “Super Bee” logo for the bag.

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Our second high-end metal yo-yo, the Blues, is now available in our webstore. The Blues is the signature model for Drew Tetz, 44RPM co-founder & 2014 trick innovator of the year, presenting his ideal yo-yo design: an oversized shape for comfortable string catches, plus a unique lasercut wooden ring aesthetic. It was designed by Rafael Matsunaga, with art by Rodrigo Yokota.

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Click here to view the Blues on our webstore.

Other stockists coming soon, thank you for the support!


We are proud to present the Rhythm, our first high end metal yo-yo. It's the signature model for Hank Freeman, 44RPM co-founder & 3 time world champ, presenting his ideal shape for the ultimate in all-around everyday play at an affordable price point.

Some incredibly talented friends helped realize this dream, namely yo-yo design by Rafael Matsunaga & art by Rodrigo Yokota (aka Whip.) We are incredibly grateful for their help, and for the support of everyone who has helped us with our yo-yo dreams so far!
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Takeshi had too many quality clips of Vegas players jammin’ the Penny flatpack kendama for just one edit, so here is the super fun sequel! Huge thanks to all of the amazing players who shot tricks for this! Learn more about the Penny flatpack kendama & order your own here!

Music: “Fan the Flames” by Sheer Mag from their 7′ “II”, available on bandcamp here: and through mailorder here:

Get ’em while they’re hot! More photos & info available on their release pages: The Flatpack Pill, Skullful Snooper, and John Bot’s “Six Pillars” artist edition Moon

Yo-yo superhero Takeshi Kamisato puts the Penny flatpack kendama through its paces with a little help from his friends in the Las Vegas kendama scene, and a good time is had by all.
Music: “Ms. Me”, The Bruce Lee Band. From “Community Support Group”, buy it here!

Spingear Lunar

The Flatpack Kendama is now available at SpinGear! Taka has been a strong supporter of the project since day one, we are so happy for them to be our first retailer in Asia.

We were extremely proud to be Gold sponsors of the Bay Area Classic yo-yo contest 2015.

Thank you to the organizers for working closely with us to make these custom trophies & medals, super fun project & super cool result. (Thank you to CLYW, Andrew Maider, Anthony Rojas, & Sweets Kendama for being on hand to snap these photos, and to Paul Escolar for designing the original logo & art directing the trophy.)

BAC logo 44 colorsSpingear Lunarsweets BAC trophyclyw bac winnersandrew maider's bac trophytrophy-teaserAnthony's Medals