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Takeshi had too many quality clips of Vegas players jammin’ the Penny flatpack kendama for just one edit, so here is the super fun sequel! Huge thanks to all of the amazing players who shot tricks for this! Learn more about the Penny flatpack kendama & order your own here!

Music: “Fan the Flames” by Sheer Mag from their 7′ “II”, available on bandcamp here: and through mailorder here:

Yo-yo superhero Takeshi Kamisato puts the Penny flatpack kendama through its paces with a little help from his friends in the Las Vegas kendama scene, and a good time is had by all.
Music: “Ms. Me”, The Bruce Lee Band. From “Community Support Group”, buy it here!

What would you even call this? When you’re watching a player like Cazzual, you eventually stop asking questions and just appreciate the funkiness. Creativity bordering on the absurd.

Our man in Vegas, Takeshi Kamisato, pulls two sick tricks out with the Penny. Yow!