The Surf

The Surf is our third high end metal yo-yo. Precision machined aluminum in four bright colors with an unresponsive bearing.

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The Surf is our vision of a futuristic competitive shape, with a forward-thinking double-stepped organic profile. The cuts in the silhouette give a comfortable catch zone & a weight distribution to push your tricks further than ever. Our most modern yo-yo yet, & a true ripper.

While previous 44RPM models have focused on stability, unique shapes, & comfort, the Surf swerves towards a more aggressive style. The profile is speedy & the stepped gap cuts down on friction from dense layered tricks.

The Surf’s design was implemented & engineered by Brazilian National Yo-yo Master Rafael Matsunaga, the brains behind our yo-yos the Rhythm & the Blues. World Champion Hank Freeman also put heavy work in on the shape. Paul Escolar did the lettering for the logo.