The Boardwalk Flatpack Spintop

The Boardwalk is a lasercut spintop that assembles from a single flat piece of wood. It stands alone as an art object, but can be wound & thrown like a traditional spintop.

Assembly Instructions

Glue is strongly recommended for maximum performance
First, slot together the largest center pieces.
Slide on the first two sides, and then fit the other two sides into them.
Then, one at a time, press the crown pieces into the top and the tip rings onto the bottom.
Finally, carefully bend back the rings and wrap them around the center one at a time until all three are locked in place.

Winding & Throwing

Wrap the string around the crown and pull the string over the knot to hold it in place. With the tip pointing towards your throwhand, wrap the string away from you around the top base. With the tip pointed upwards & the button secured, throw the top with a smooth sideways motion so it unwinds, flips over, & spins on the ground.


How was the Boardwalk made?

The Boardwalk was lasercut in the USA from 1/8″ birch plywood. Drew handled the graphic design, Hank managed the machining & printing, & the two of them worked together on the product design.

Who is behind this project?

44RPM was founded by Hank Freeman & Drew Tetz, two professional yoyoers & best bros looking to explore the creative side of the skill toy scene. Hank is a three time world yo-yo champion living in Prague, Drew is the 2014 trick innovator of the year working as a graphic designer in New York.

Can the Boardwalk be played with?

The Boardwalk is a fully functional spintop. It can be wound & thrown like a traditional top and will balance itself beautifully.
The unique construction of the Boardwalk does make for comparatively shorter spin times, generally in the range of 7-12 seconds. The angular sides also make it difficult to perform string tricks. We consider this a fair trade-off for assembling from a flat piece of wood, but it is worth mentioning.

Do the toys need glue?

The Boardwalk will press fit & hold together on its own for display or light play. However, we strongly recommend a small amount of glue for maximum durability.