Blues Metal Yo-yo


The Blues is our second high end metal yo-yo. Precision machined aluminum with removable wooden weight rings & a large bearing.

The Blues is the signature model for Drew Tetz, 44RPM co-founder & 2014 trick innovator of the year, presenting his ideal yo-yo design: an oversized shape for comfortable string catches, plus a unique wooden ring aesthetic.

Drew's dream was implemented & engineered by Brazilian National Yo-yo Master Rafael Matsunaga, the brains behind the now-classic Duncan Barracuda as well as our first yo-yo, the Rhythm. Rodrigo Yokota (aka Whip) provided the beautiful illustrations for the engravings. Drew lasercut the rings, & Hank assembled everything.

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Diameter: 62mm
Width: 44mm
Weight: 64g without wood rings, 70g with rings installed.
Response system: Replaceable 19mm pads
Included bearing: Center Track
Made in China.

Rings lasercut from birch.

Removing the Rings

We designed the wooden rings to be removable for the most versatile yo-yo possible. We kept them as loose as we could for comfortable removal, but a certain level of snugness was required to prevent wobble & ensure maximum balance.

If the rings are too tight to comfortably remove with your fingers, you can pry them out with the aid of a flathead screwdriver wrapped with a bit of fabric or tape. Fold an old t-shirt over the end of the screwdriver & gently wedge it under the ring for the leverage to pop it out without scratching the yo-yo.

If you remove the rings & decide to reinstall them, please remember to always put the dark side facing outwards! Not only does this prevent vibration in the yo-yo, but it makes it considerably easier if you ever want to take them out again.

Please watch the instagram videos below for a closer look.

A video posted by 44RPM (@44rpm) on

A video posted by 44RPM (@44rpm) on


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The Blues includes a pair of bonus inserts, a 1.5" mini-ring & a knot removal tool keychain. The mini-ring fits snugly into the inner rim to display 1.5" buttons, & the knot remover is the perfect width for picking GT knots out of the gap. (The knot remover also functions as a 45 adapter.)

Photos by Shawn Garcia. Additional photos by Drew.